Profile field editability controls

Available on Asana Enterprise and Enterprise+ tiers, as well as legacy tier Legacy Enterprise.

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Asana has SCIM integrations with leading identity provider platforms that enable customers to import user profile information such as title and department into Asana. As this information is imported from identity systems, admins may want to control whether or not users can edit this information in Asana using profile field controls.

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Super admins can choose which profile fields users can edit by going to Admin console > Security > SCIM-related settings > User profile settings

Profile field editability controls - admin console

We only recommend restricting users from editing this information in Asana if your organization is syncing user profile fields via SCIM to Asana. Otherwise, users will lack the ability to add this information to their profiles.

Admins can still update locked attributes on behalf of other users by making changes to the users’ profiles from the Members tab in the admin console.

Profile field editability controls - settings

Super admins can toggle profile field editability controls on or off for Job title or Department or team.

Profile field editability controls - locked

When super admins have restricted edits to Job title and Department or team fields, users will see these fields locked for edits when they go to their profile settings.

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