Managing password settings in the admin console

This article delves into Asana's enhanced password strength options and organization-wide password reset capabilities.

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Password strength

Available on Asana StarterAdvancedEnterprise, and Enterprise+ tiers, as well as legacy tiers Premium, Business, and Legacy Enterprise.

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Under Password settings, you'll find Password strength. You can choose between a simple and strong password. Simple passwords must have at least 8 characters and strong passwords must have at least 8 characters and must include characters from at least three of the following types: lowercase, uppercase, numbers, symbols and numerals.

Changes to the password strength will only affect newly created passwords.

Organization-wide password reset

Available for super admins of Asana StarterAdvancedEnterprise, and Enterprise+ organizations, as well as super admins of legacy tiers Premium, Business, and Legacy Enterprise.

You can force an organization-wide password reset for users that have access to your organization.

1. Members or guests who have an Asana password will be logged out. They will then receive an email with a password reset link and be forced to choose a new password before logging in again.

2. Members or guests who do not have an Asana password will only be logged out.

3. Members or guests who log in with SAML or Google SSO and don't have an Asana password will only be logged out.

Users who initially signed up to Asana by setting a password and have since upgraded to login with SAML or Google SSO will receive an email asking them to reset their password. This will have no effect on their SAML/Google SSO password.

Individual password reset

Available on Asana Enterprise and Enterprise+ tiers, as well as legacy tier Legacy Enterprise. Super admins can reset an individual user's password via their member profile settings.

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