Project owner and members

Discover how to add new members to your project, reassign the project owner role and customize notification settings to keep team members informed without overwhelming them.

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Each project only has one project owner, but can have many project members. Both project owner and project members can add, remove, and edit tasks in the project. Both project owner and project members can update the project's status and adjust the project's progress chart as well as receive notifications about the project.

Project owner

One of the project members can become the project owner.

project owner identification

The project owner can be identified as follows:

  1. Navigate to the Overview section of the project
  2. You will find the project owner listed under Project roles

By default, the person who creates the project will be set as the project's owner.

Reassign project owner

change project owner

To change the project owner:

  1. Navigate to the Project roles section of the project's Overview tab
  2. Click on the dropdown arrow beside any project member's name and select Set as project owner

remove project owner

You can also click on the dropdown arrow beside the current project owner's name and select Remove as project owner

Project members

Keep yourself and your colleagues in the loop on projects by becoming project members.

Project members will receive a notification (via email or inbox, depending on your notification settings) when:

  • The project owner updates the project status
  • Someone creates or adds a new task to the project
  • A new conversation is posted in the project

You don't necessarily need to be a project member to see a project. Project visibility is determined by the project's permissions.  

Add project member

add project member

Add a project member

  1. Click the member profile icon in the project's header
  2. Enter the person's name or email address

add project member

You can add multiple people in the project members field. Once you've entered the person's name or email address, you'll be prompted with an Add Member button

All project members will receive email notifications for project deletions. It is not possible to turn these notifications off.

Deleted project notifications also contain a link to restore the deleted project.

Member notification settings

access project notification settings

Access member notification settings

  1. Click the member profile icon in the project's header
  2. Select Manage Member Notifications

project notification settings

From your member notification settings, you can:

  1. Adjust notifications for any project member

In the project notification settings, there are three options to choose from:

  • Status Updates - notifications when the project owner updates the status of the project
  • Conversations - notifications when somebody posts a project conversation
  • Task creations - notifications when tasks are created or added into the project

There are two categories of notifications in projects:

Triggered by project actions

  • Task added to a project
  • Project owner changed
  • Project due date changed
  • Project story share - when somebody shares a project with you

Related to a project

  • Create a conversation - has its own Asana inbox thread
  • Create a status update - has its own Asana inbox thread
  • Invite accepted - when somebody accepts your invite

Asana users receive email notifications when comments or @mentions are being made to a task they are collaborating on. 

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