Billing settings in the admin console

This article discusses how to access and manage billing information. It covers subscription modifications, billing updates, invoice management, seat utilization, and the process for assigning billing ownership.

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Manage billing information

The information contained in this section specifies that admins and super admins can manage subscriptions and access billing information, just as the billing owner can. Please note that this ability has only been rolled out to auto-pay customers. Manually invoiced plans may still only be managed by the billing owner.

Both billing owners and admins of paid organizations can access billing information through the admin console. If an admin makes changes in the billing tab, the billing owner will receive an email notification.

You can find more information on how to review and update your admins here.

billing informationFrom the billing tab, you can:

  1. Change or cancel your plan
  2. Update your billing information and add a payment method
  3. View and download your latest invoice or your invoice history
  4. View your seat utilization and add or reduce seats
  5. Reassign billing ownership of the account
  6. Contact our support team

The options above may vary depending on your plan type.

View and download invoices

Billing owners and admins can view and download all past invoices.

You can view your latest invoice and your invoice history under Invoices in the Billing tab of the admin console. You also have the option to download all invoices for a particular year.

invoice history

To access your invoice history:

  • Click on Invoice history
  • View All invoices
  • Click on the download symbol to download the year in bulk or select a particular month
all invoices

Change or edit your plan size and tier

From your admin console you can easily change your paid plan from Starter to Advanced or vice versa.

To change your plan:

  1. Navigate to the admin console and select the Billing tab.

  2. Click on Change plan.

  3. From here, you can choose to between Asana Starter and Advanced . When you’ve chosen your desired tier, click Confirm and change plan.


You must be the plan's billing owner or an admin in order to edit its size or change tier.

View your plan's feature limits

As your plan nears its feature limit, the billing owner will receive notifications in the product and via email. Only billing owners and admins can view limits through the billing tab in the admin console. By viewing your limits, you can better understand feature usage across your account.

Rules tab in feature usage details.png

From the Feature usage details page, you can navigate between the RulesAsana AI, and Portfolios tabs.

Rules tab

In the rules tab, you’ll see:

  • Rule name
  • The project where the rule is running.
  • Number of actions used by the rule in the billing period
  • Rule owner

Portfolio tab

In the portfolio tab, you’ll see:

  • Portfolio name
  • Number of projects or portfolios within the portfolio
  • Portfolio owner

If the project or portfolio is private to you, then it will say “Private project/portfolio”

Asana AI tab

In the Asana AI tab, you’ll see:

  • Member’s name
  • AI features used by the member in the billing period
  • Last activity
  • Number of AI actions triggered by the member in the billing period

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