Managing teams through the admin console

This article will guide you through the process of using the Teams tab effectively, from creating and editing teams to exporting crucial team data.

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Manage teams


From the Teams tab, you can:

  1. Create a new team in your organization
  2. View each team's name, number of members, privacy permissions, creation date and creator
  3. Edit a team by hovering over the three dot icon next to the Created by field and clicking the Edit team option that appears

Export team data to CSV

Super admins of a paid organization or a division can export their team list to CSV through the teams tab of their admin console.

export team csv

To export team data to CSV:

  1. Navigate to Teams tab
  2. Click on Export CSV

You will then receive an email message with the link to download your CSV file.

The CSV file downloaded has the following fields:

  • Team
  • Member count
  • Privacy
  • Created on
  • Description
  • Members (email)
  • Limited access members (email)
  • Pending invite (email)

CSV exports of organizations and divisions allow admins to keep track of which departments are using Asana to monitor seat usage and maintain the central billing within IT. The department or team field can be pre populated using our SCIM integrations with Azure AD and Okta.

Large organizations can benefit from CSV exports when trying to facilitate departmental chargebacks.

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