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Asana subscriptions and sales tax

In accordance with sales tax regulations, Asana is legally required to collect state and local tax on subscription fees for customers in certain locations. Whether or not tax is due depends upon the buyer’s location. The actual tax rate is determined by the applicable state and/or local tax rates and may vary based on your location.

As of February 2019, applicable state and local sales tax based on your billing address will be applied to fees charged. 

Tax exemptions

If you are a non-profit or educational institution based in the U.S. and have tax exempt status, please contact Asana Support and attach a copy of your tax exempt form.

Where to see sales tax

Sales tax applied to your subscription fee will be listed as a separate line item on your invoice. Your invoice can be accessed via your account page.

Find past invoices

Billing owners can access their invoices at any time from the Billing tab in their workspace or organization's settings. The admin of a paid organization, who's also the billing owner for their subscription, can access their billing through the admin console.

At each billing cycle, the billing owner will also receive a copy of their invoice via email. Each of these emails contain a link at the bottom of the message that allows you to access all of your past invoices.

To access all of your past invoices:

Locate and open any Asana invoice email.

Invoice 2

Click View your invoice online at the bottom of the email.

Invoice 3

Only the billing owner will receive these Asana invoice emails and be able to access their previous invoices.

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