Views in My tasks

Just like in projects, you can switch your view between list view, board view, and calendar view. Depending on the sections you’re using, you might prefer one view over another.

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7-day calendar view

View your My tasks calendar to keep track of important deadlines and upcoming tasks. Using the 7-day calendar view, you can reorder tasks due each day to keep your highest priority tasks at the top.

In My tasks 7-day calendar view, you can:

  • Select Week view to toggle multi-day tasks on and off to prevent long-running tasks from cluttering up your weekly planning. Here you can also order your calendar by Month view, and show or hide weekends
  • You can also organize your calendar view to show all tasks, incomplete tasks, or completed tasks by clicking on the Task button on your toolbar
  • By dragging and dropping tasks, you can reorder tasks due each day to keep your highest priority tasks at the top
  • Click on the Unscheduled button to bring up unscheduled tasks (tasks that have no due date). This also allows you to access a mini calendar so you can jump quickly to specific dates. You can drag tasks out of the Unscheduled sidebar into the week view to schedule tasks for specific days. The Unscheduled button is only visible in Week view.

Weekly focus

weekly focus

Kick off your work week more intentionally by setting a focus for the week. Capture your top priority for the week and see it displayed across mobile and web. Because this focus stays visible across platforms, setting a focus leads to better planning, actions, and outcomes.

On Monday mornings, mobile users are prompted to set a weekly focus. Weekly focus set on mobile will appear on desktop and web versions of Asana also but will not be editable there. Your weekly focus will appear at the top of your My tasks during the week to help guide your planning.

View all your tasks across all your spaces

To view your My tasks list in each space you belong to (workspaces and organizations), you'll need to switch between these spaces in your top bar.

However, you may wish to use this third-party integration. Taco allows you to view all of your tasks in one list across workspaces and organizations.

Our Support team cannot, however, offer assistance with third-party tools as they are not developed by Asana.

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