Portfolios on Android

Available on Asana AdvancedEnterprise, and Enterprise+ tiers, as well as legacy tiers Business and Legacy Enterprise.

Portfolios help you keep track of projects across your team, or even across your whole organization. Portfolios let you categorize Asana projects, see and request status updates, and organize projects based on priority, burn-down, or even custom fields you create.

You can access your portfolios from your Home screen by tapping on the Portfolios tab.

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Creating a portfolio

Create Portfolio

To create a new portfolio:

  1. Tap the Quick Add icon
  2. Add a portfolio name
  3. Add a project or multiple projects at once by entering the name of any projects you’d like to add or choose from the pre-filled project list. When you’ve selected your projects, tap Save.

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Portfolio overview

Once you’ve created a portfolio and added a few projects, you can keep track of their health in one place.

From the Portfolio view, you can view the following:

  • See each project’s latest status
  • View each project’s progress as a percentage
  • See each project’s due date or date range
  • View the team each project belongs to
  • View the owner of each project
  • Add more projects to the portfolio

If you have added custom fields to your portfolio using the web-version of Asana, you can view any values that were entered directly from the portfolio overview.

To view custom field values from the portfolio overview swipe across the header line to view the custom field values for each project.

It's currently only possible to add custom fields to a portfolio using the web version of Asana.

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