Managing people in organizations

This article covers how to manage users in your organization; learn how to invite users to join your organization and teams using invite links. Discover how to invite guests, remove users from an organization or leave an organization.

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Join an existing organization

There are two ways to join an organization that someone else at your company has created:

  1. Sign up for Asana with your company email address. You will then automatically become a member of the organization.
  2. Ask someone in the existing organization to invite you to a team.

If you're already using Asana with another email address, add your company email address to your Asana account, and you will automatically join the organization.

Invite people to your organization

You can add someone to your organization by inviting them to one of your teams.

Shareable invite links

Shareable invite links make it easy to invite lots of people to a team or project. Users can share the link through a variety of channels (via email, Slack, text, etc.). They can even post it in their team’s onboarding wiki or a Google Doc.

Invite to a project via a link

Shareable project links.png

To share a project:

  1. Click on the Share icon from within the project
  2. To turn on a shareable link to share a project with anyone in your organization click Get link
  3. Once clicked, the link will be automatically copied to your clipboard

When somebody joins a project with a shareable invite link, they will have the default edit/comment permissions for that project.

Invite to a team via a link

Invite with link.gif

Invite to a team:

  1. Click on the + Create Quick add button and select Invite
  2. Go to the Invite with link tab
  3. Select a team from the drop-down list
  4. Click Copy link to invite people to your team by sharing the link with them

Inviting guests

Should you wish to invite guests to your project/team, please use the Invite with email option.

Organization guests cannot join teams or projects using the shareable invite links - only organization members with an email address that matches the organization’s domain can join using shareable links. Choose Invite with email for guests.

Deactivate link

Clicking deactivate will permanently deactivate the link. No one will be able to use the link again.

Org 3 (1).png

Leave an organization

leave organization

To leave an organization:

  1. Click your profile photo
  2. In the drop-down menu, hover over More
  3. Select Remove me from this organization

Once you leave an organization, you will no longer have access to its projects and tasks.

If you are an organization member, this will remove your organization affiliated email address from your Asana account. Before leaving, be sure to first add a personal email address to your account so that you can continue to access your Asana account.

Removing a corporate email address from your account will subsequently remove you from the organization.

Removing someone from an organization

You can remove any user from your organization to strip them of access to your organization and its projects and tasks.

When someone is removed from your organization, the tasks, projects, messages, files, and comments the person created will remain intact, but their assigned tasks will be left unassigned.

To ensure no tasks go unaccounted for, it is a good idea to go into the person's My Tasks and reassign their tasks before deprovisioning them.

Please note that deprovisioning a user from your organization will result in their company email address being removed from their account; if the address is added back to their account, they will reappear in your organization. Additionally, if the user does not have an alternative email address associated with their Asana user account, deprovisioning them from your organization may result in them being locked out of Asana.

To remove somebody from an organization, the following must be true:

  • You must be an organization member
  • You and the person you would like to remove must belong to the same team

If you are not in the same team or already have removed someone from the team, invite the person into a team for the sole purpose of removing them from your organization immediately after.

Remove from team 1.gif

Follow these instructions to remove your recent team member from the organization:

  • Hover over the team name in the sidebar
  • Click the arrow icon
  • Select Invite teammates
  • Navigate to the Members tab
  • Click on the drop down arrow beside Member next to the name of the user you wish to remove
  • Select Remove from team (this button will also show as Cancel Invite if the user hasn't accepted their invitation yet)
  • Select Remove access to remove them from the team
  • Click Deprovision to remove them from the organization

In paid organizations, only admins can deprovision members.

Acceptable use terms for guests

Guests are subject to clause 2.4(b) (Acceptable Use Terms) of Asana’s Subscriber Terms. Guest accounts are intended to be used to collaborate with external business partners such as clients, contractors or customers. Customers using Asana's service are not permitted to provide employees, or employees of its affiliates, with access to the Asana service as guests instead of acquiring end user subscriptions for such employees.

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