Form customization

This article covers how to customize your form header and add custom branding to your form. Visit this article for more information on creating forms in Asana.

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Header customization

Available on Asana Advanced, Enterprise, and Enterprise+ tiers, as well as legacy tiers Business and Legacy Enterprise.

To add a cover image, click on the Add cover image icon at the top of your form.

adding a cover image to a form.png

The image dimensions for the Header are 800 x 120 pixels.

Custom branding on forms

Enterprise, Enterprise+ and Legacy Enterprise users that have uploaded a logo to Asana via their Admin Console will have the option to display this logo on their forms.

To add custom branding to your form, first upload your company logo. You can do this through the Settings tab of your admin console.

Once the logo has been uploaded, navigate to your form and click on the form name / form description. From here, click Show your organization's logo on this form.

custom form logo

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