Field mapping in forms

Forms are available on Asana Starter, Advanced, Enterprise, and Enterprise+ tiers, as well as legacy tiers Premium, Business, and Legacy Enterprise. 

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This article covers how to leverage field mapping to capture specific information using forms and connect it to your workflow via custom fields.

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Custom field mapping

With custom field mapping, you can connect the answers to your form's questions directly to custom fields in the project.

custom field mapping

You can also create a new custom field from the Connected to window.

Date field mapping

date field mapping

For date questions, you can choose to have the form question responses connect to the following date types:

  1. Single day
  2. Date range 

Single day

specific date

When Single day is selected, the date input field will be Due date.

Date range

date range

When Date range is selected, there will be a Start date and End date input field.

Required fields

required field

Click Required to make the date a required field in your form.

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