Managing workspaces

Asana accounts are free and are tied to individual users. Asana accounts grant access to shared workspaces and organizations to collaborate with other Asana users.

With a single Asana account, you can create or join multiple workspaces and organizations to collaborate with various groups of Asana users. These workspaces and organizations you belong to are their own separate entities, each with their own unique set of people, projects, and tasks. 

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Create a workspace

Create a workspace to collaborate with other people in Asana.

create workspace

To create a new workspace:

  1. Click on your profile photo and select My Settings... from the drop-down menu
  2. Click on the Account tab
  3. Select Create new workspace

A single Asana account can join or create multiple workspaces. Create workspaces for different groups of people you want to collaborate with.

Convert your existing workspace into an organization

If you need to create multiple teams or work across different departments, you can convert one of your existing workspaces into an organization. Learn about the differences between workspaces and organizations here.

You must first add your company email address to your Asana account before you can convert a workspace into an organization.

Workspaces 1 (2).png

To access your workspace admin console:

  1. Click on your profile icon
  2. Click on Admin console

convert to Organization step 2

From the admin console:

  1. Head to the Settings tab
  2. Click on Convert to organization
convert to Organization step 3

From the Convert to organization tab:

  1. Select your work email address
  2. Verify Terms of Use

If this email domain is not already in use with another organization, you will be prompted to click the Convert button.



Issues converting your workspace?

If you have difficulty converting one of your existing workspaces into an organization and you're not seeing the message that your email domain is already in use, please contact the Asana Support team and include the following information:

  • The name of your organization or your largest/most active company workspace
  • Your email domain

We will then help you to convert your largest workspace into a new organization.

Copy this text to speed up the process:

Primary organization/workspace:
Email domain:

If you have a shared university email domain (i.e.,, a separate subdomain (i.e., will be required to create an organization.

Workspace admin console

Access the admin console menu to:

  • Edit the workspace name
  • Manage people and invitations
  • Manage billing applicable for those who've upgraded to a paid workspace

Only workspace members can access the admin console. Limited access members cannot.

Admin console

From the admin console, you can access the following tabs; MembersBillingSettingsApps, and Resources:



From the Members tab, you can:

  1. View a list of members and limited access members in your workspace
  2. Convert any member into a limited access member, or vice versa
  3. Remove any member or limited access member from your workspace
  4. Invite new people into your workspace 



From the Settings tab, you can:

  1. Change your workspace name
  2. Convert your workspace into an organization

Deactivate a workspace

Since workspaces are shared spaces, leaving a workspace does not delete the projects and tasks in it.

If your workspace is no longer needed, you can deactivate it by:

  • Removing all tasks
  • Removing all projects
  • Removing all other members

Once everything has been deleted, and you're the only remaining member, you can leave the workspace.

A workspace can only be accessed by those invited. If all members have been removed, the workspace will no longer be accessible.

It is not possible to archive workspaces.

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