Creating tasks and projects on iOS

With Asana for iOS, you can organize your tasks for the day and communicate with your team from anywhere. This article will focus on how to create tasks and projects on iOS. Download the Asana app for your iPhone and iPad from the App Store. Asana's mobile app is only compatible with iOS 16 or later. 

You can access your My tasks, projects, messages, inbox, and search, and more from your iOS device. The web and iOS apps update in real-time, so your tasks and conversations sync automatically no matter what device you’re using.

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Creating a task

create task

To create a task from a project or My tasks:

  1. Tap + New task
  2. You can tap at the top of the pop-up window to view all the task fields
  3. Add a task name
  4. Add an assignee, due date, add photos, attach files, capture and share photos, and create tasks with audio

View and edit a task's details

task details

From the task details screen, you can:

  1. Complete, like, share a task, and view more options
  2. Write or edit the task’s name
  3. Add an assignee and a due date
  4. View the projects the task belongs to and add more projects
  5. View the custom fields
  6. Add a description
  7. Add subtasks
  8. Add attachments
  9. Post a comment, add images, attachments, add appreciations, link to a person, task, message, team, project, or portfolio, and add or remove collaborators

Tapping on the three dot icon at the top will open the more options screen.

Sorting and filtering your tasks

Sorting and filtering tasks on iOS.png

  1. Search your project
  2. Sort your tasks by incomplete tasks, completed tasks, or all tasks
  3. Filter by assignee or due date
  4. Sort by due date, assignee, number of likes, alphabetical order, and sort within sections
  5. Show or hide custom fields 

Creating a task with voice recognition

Create tasks using voice input on iOS. Asana mobile can transcribe audio into text and create tasks based on the results of the transcription.

To create a task with voice recognition, you can either:

  • Hold the New task button
  • Tap New task and tap the microphone icon

The task will automatically be created once the audio recording stops. You will see a notice on the screen to confirm it.

You can create a task with audio for up to 1:30 minutes. Asana mobile will use the first line of the transcribed text for the title of the task, and the full transcription will be displayed in the task description. The transcription will be limited to the language configured on the iOS device and may not be available in all languages.

You will be able to specify other information relevant to your task before creating it, like marking a due date, editing the description, or including someone from your team or organization as an assignee.

You can easily identify tasks created via voice recognition and also play the audio recorded. The original audio will be attached to the task, with the option to reproduce it and a notice will be displayed for tasks created with voice recognition on iOS. You can remove the original audio from a task by tapping on it.

Creating a project

create project

To create a project:

  1. Navigate to the home page
  2. Tap New project
  3. Add a project name
  4. Choose a team
  5. Select a layout
  6. Define the project’s privacy
  7. Tap create

Viewing a project’s details

To view a project’s details, click on the three-dot icon on the top right of the screen.

Project settings iOS.png

From here, you can:

  1. Change the project view. Choose between overview, list, board, calendar and timeline view.
  2. Edit the project details, share the project and copy the project link.
  3. Edit the project privacy settings.
  4. Add a section to the project, zoom or add the project to your starred items.
  5. Update the project status.
  6. Send a new message.
  7. Archive or delete the project.

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