Bundles FAQ

Available on Asana Enterprise and Enterprise+ tiers, as well as legacy tier Legacy Enterprise.

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Bundles are any combination of rules, fields, sections, and task templates that can be applied across multiple projects at once. 

This article will go through the most frequently asked questions regarding bundles.

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Access and usage

How can I access bundles?

You can access bundles from the customize menu.

This feature is available for all Enterprise customers. If you need to upgrade your plan, please contact Sales.

How do I use the bundles gallery?

When you’re ready to create a bundle, you can create one from scratch or select an existing bundle from the gallery. The bundles gallery can be filtered for the bundles you specifically own or have created in the past.

How many bundles can you add to a project?

You can currently add up to 5 bundles per project.

Can you duplicate a bundle?

No, you cannot duplicate a bundle.

Features and customization

What features can I add to a bundle?

You can currently add sections, rules, task templates, and fields to bundles.

Can I move rules, custom fields, sections, etc. from an existing project into a bundle?

Yes, you can save a copy of all the customize menu features (rules, fields, task templates, etc.) within a project into a bundle that can then be applied across other projects.

Can you control the ordering of the sections in a bundle?

When you first create your bundle, you can choose the order of your sections and fields. When you edit an existing bundle, the new sections will be added to the top of the project and new fields to the far right. However, you can drag and drop these sections and fields to re-organize them.

Permissions and privacy

Who can edit a bundle?

Only users with the admin or editor permissions on a bundle can edit that bundle.

Who can view the bundle in the gallery? 

Viewability of the bundle depends on whether the bundle has been set public / “available to the entire domain” or to “limited distribution,” enabling select users to apply the bundle to projects. When viewing, be sure the filters selected are as intended.

Who can change the privacy or viewability of a bundle?

Only bundle admins can change the permission settings of a bundle.

Comparing bundles to other Asana features

What is the difference between the bundle admin vs. bundle editor vs. bundle user? 

  • A bundle admin can edit and apply the bundle to projects, as well as edit the permission settings and delete the bundle entirely
  • An editor can edit and apply the bundle to project
  • A user can only apply the bundle to projects

What’s the difference between bundles and workflow builder?

Bundles are meant to be used together with workflow builder. Bundles enable you to standardize work in Asana by packaging together sections, rules, fields, and task templates and applying them to multiple projects. Workflow builder can help you visualize these processes, and see how individual features map to various stages of the project.

What’s the difference between bundles and project templates?

Bundles make project templates better, because they’re even easier to apply to multiple needs at once. Like project templates, bundles enable you to standardize work in Asana, but are even more flexible in usage. They enable you to make updates to future projects and processes as well as any current, in-flight projects or processes with a simple click. Think of bundles as a way to boost team agility.

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