Bundle management and permissions

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Bundles are any combination of rules, fields, sections, and task templates that can be applied across multiple projects at once. 

This article will explain how to update your bundle and manage its permissions.

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How to update an existing bundle

From the bundles gallery, you can click on any existing bundle and see a preview of it.


Editing an existing bundle

edit a bundle

To edit a bundle:

  1. Select the bundle you wish to update or edit
  2. Click Edit to make updates to any or all of the workflow features (rules, fields, sections, task templates, etc.) within the bundle as needed
  3. Click Continue
  4. Click Apply changes to bulk update all projects using the bundle

All projects using the bundle will automatically reflect the changes, enabling you to update multiple projects at once.

To edit a bundle you must have the appropriate permissions.


If any of the elements of the bundle isn't working properly, for example, a rule is broken, then the bundle will fail to update. This will be visible under the Status section of the Dashboard tab.

Draft mode

A bundle admin or editor can draft changes in a bundle without having to publish these changes right away. Once they decide to publish these updates, the updates will apply to all projects using that bundle.

Bundle draft mode.gif

To draft changes:

  1. Navigate to the Customize menu and click the bundle you want to update.
  2. Click Edit to start making changes to the bundle.
  3. After making changes, you can leave the bundle by clicking Back in the top left corner, or by clicking the x in the top right corner. Your draft will be saved, but the bundle won’t be updated until you click Apply changes.
  4. When you’re done drafting changes, click Continue and Apply changes.
  5. Once you click Apply changes, you will see how many projects using this bundle will be updated.

Projects added from the dashboard before Apply changes is clicked will receive the pre-updated version of the bundle.

Bundle permissions

You can add multiple members to a bundle. There are two types of permissions for members; Admin or Editor. Admins can add and remove bundle editors, modify everything editors do, and delete the bundle altogether, not only bundle content. Editors can add, edit, and delete content or customize the bundle.

Bundles can be updated by the bundle creator at any time.


To add members to a bundle:

  1. Select the bundle
  2. Click the avatar under Managed by
  3. Add members by name or email
  4. Choose if you want them to be an Admin or an Editor
  5. You will see their avatar under the Managed by section
  6. To remove a member, click the drop-down and select Remove from bundle

Sharing a bundle

You can easily share bundles using their shareable link. Sharing this link lets others quickly add bundles to their projects from the bundle's dashboard.

sharing link.gif

From the Preview tab, click Share and click Copy link.

Managing and limiting access to bundles

Bundle admins can determine who can access and use their bundles, allowing them to protect sensitive information. 

limiting access to bundles.png

To manage permission settings, click the Share button on the bundle's preview page and navigate to Distribution. From here, you can choose between Limited distribution and Available to [Organization name]

With Limited distribution, only people added to the bundle can access and apply it. If you choose Available to [organization name], anyone in the organization can access and apply the bundle to their projects. You must have access to the bundle and appropriate project-level permissions to apply it to your projects or remove it from them. 

Note that bundles set to limited distribution will be viewable by project members with the appropriate project-level permissions.

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