Division access and management FAQ

A division plan allows you to upgrade multiple teams under one subscription. Each division member will only count towards a single seat, even if they are members of multiple teams within that division. This article covers division FAQs relating to accessing paid features, trials and adding exisiting work to your division.

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Accessing paid features

My company has a paid division, why don’t I have access to paid features?

You may be working on a task that is located outside of the division. Tasks live in projects and projects live in teams. In order for paid features to be available in your task or project, the project must be located in a team which itself is located in a paid division. The division holds a subscription which provides paid features to the teams (and their projects and tasks) located within the division.

If you have recently joined or have just created your own team, it’s likely that this team is not yet part of the paid division within your company’s Asana organization.

If you would like your team to be added to a division, you can reach out to the division’s admin. Division admins can add teams to the division and manage division members via the admin console. Division admins and billing owners can also manage their division’s subscription through the billing tab of the admin console.

If you require individual assistance with accessing paid features within a specific project or team, you can reach out to our Support team and provide them with the task or project URL and they can investigate this further.

Adding work to divisions

Can I add tasks or existing projects to specific divisions in Asana?

If your tasks and projects are currently part of a team that is not part of your company’s division, you can ask the division admin or billing owner to add your team to the division. Division admins can add teams to the division through the admin console.

If you are already a member of a team within the division, you can move your project into that team by following the steps outlined here.


I want my team to be part of my company’s division but this is not possible as I have a trial running, what should I do?

Often when new users first sign up to Asana, they are prompted to set up a free trial. If you currently have a trial for a division or team, the trial will prevent that team or any teams that are part of your division, from being added to your company’s existing division plan. If you wish for your team to be added to your company’s division right away, you would need to cancel the trial first. You can follow the steps here to cancel your trial or you can reach out to our Support team for assistance.

I'm part of my company’s division subscription but see a warning that my trial will end soon, what does this mean?

If you’ve recently signed up and started a free trial, you may see a countdown banner telling you when your trial will end. It’s possible that this won’t make sense to you as you are already working within your company’s paid division. This banner refers to your own trial for a separate team or division you’ve created and is completely separate from your company’s division subscription. While this can be confusing, there generally will be no impact on your work when this trial ends. If you have any concerns or questions about this, please reach out to our Support team for assistance.

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