Asana Goals FAQ

Available on Asana AdvancedEnterprise, and Enterprise+ tiers, as well as legacy tiers Business and Legacy Enterprise.

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This article will go through the most frequently asked questions regarding goals, including feature availability, access, and management.

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Feature availability and access

Are goals accessible on Android and IOS?

Yes, goals are available in a view-only state on Android and IOS. View-only means the goals can't be edited or altered on the mobile version of Asana. To edit or change a goal, please use the desktop version of Asana.

I don't have Asana Advanced or legacy Business, can I still access goals?

You will not be able to create or modify goals, however, they you can be added as an owner or collaborator.

Goals management 

Goals in workspaces

Goals are also available for workspaces that have Asana Advanced or legacy tier Business. As Workspaces operate as one team, there isn't the ability to toggle between multiple teams from your goal's list view. All goals will be added at the Workspace level.

What happens if I delete a team my goals are housed under?

Deleting the team will not delete the goals, as goals are housed at an organizational level. This means that if you delete your team, you can still search for your goals using the search bar.

However, it is recommended that any goals assigned to the team are reassigned to another appropriate team before deletion. This will allow you to filter the goals using the newly assigned team for easier navigation.

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