Managing members and teams in a division

This article explains how division admins can manage members and teams via the division admin console.

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Manage members in a division

Managing Members

From the Members tab you can:

  1. Remove members from your division only, or the organization entirely, by hovering over a name and clicking Remove
  2. Invite new members to join a team in your division

Remove a user from your division

Division admins can remove users from their division through the Members tab of the division admin console. Removing a user from the division will not deactivate the user's account, nor will this action remove the user from the organization. Removing an organization member from a division will ensure that the member does not take up a space on a paid plan. Guests can be removed in the same way.

Removing a user from a division does not remove the user from the organization, or any other teams or divisions that they are part of. See Deactivating an organization member through the division admin console below for instructions on how to deactivate an organization member instead.

Deactivate an organization member via the division admin console

To remove a person from your organization through your division admin console, navigate to the Members tab of your admin console.

Find the name of the person by scrolling down or using the search bar. Once you’ve found the person, click the three dot icon and select Remove.

remove member 1
remove member 2

From the next tab, you can:

  1. Choose the member you want to reassign the tasks to
  2. Click Remove to confirm the deactivation

The deactivated member will then show in your member’s list as Removed.

remove member 3

What happens to a deactivated person’s tasks?

After you have deactivated someone from your organization through the division admin console, a private project containing their previously assigned tasks will be auto generated. You can assign these tasks to yourself or another member of your division. This allows you to easily assign pending tasks to the appropriate person to manage.

If necessary, a simple next step solution to delegating would be to multi-select deprovisioned tasks, where you can take mass actions on tasks and even bulk assign them to yourself or other division members.

The time of the deactivation will appear in the Last activity column.

Restore a deactivated division member

Restore a deactivated member by finding their name in your Members tab. Then click the three dot icon and select Restore.

restore 1

From the next window, select Restore.

restore 2
If your reactivation fails, the admin for your division will receive a task asking them to reach out to our Support team.

Filter by member type

From the Members tab of your admin console, you can filter your member list by member type. To do this click on the drop-down arrow next to the Member type filter and choose from AllAdminMemberGuestInvited or Removed.

member type filter

Create a new team in a division

You can create a team in a division directly from the admin console at any time.

Create Team 1

To create a new team in a division:

  1. Click on Add teams from the Teams tab in the admin console
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the list and click Create new team
Create Team 2

From the create new team dialogue box, you can:

  1. Enter a team name
  2. Invite team members
  3. Set the team to be either Private or Membership by request, then click the Create team button

Manage teams in a division

The billing owner can add or remove teams from their division at any time. They can also edit each team's settings directly from the admin console.

Division admins do not need to be a member of all teams within a division. Admins also have the option to add any free teams within their organisation to the division.

Add a team to your division

Adding Teams 1

To add teams to a division:

  1. Navigate to the Teams tab in the admin console
  2. Select Add teams

It is not possible to add a team to a division if the team already has a paid subscription or trial. If you need to remove a team's trial or subscription in order to move it into a division, the billing owner must cancel the trial or subscription. Feel free to reach out to the Support team if you need help.

Adding Teams 2

From the Add teams popup:

  1. Select the teams in your organization that you would like to add to the division
  2. Once you've done this, click Add teams

It is not possible to have a team in a division that is public to the organization. Teams within divisions are either private, or membership by request.

Remove a team from your division

Remove a team

To remove a team from a division:

  1. Hover over a team and click the three dot icon that appears
  2. Select Remove team from division

You must remove a team from a division before it can be deleted.

Export team data to CSV

Admins of a division can export their team list to CSV through the Teams tab of their admin console.

export CSV

From your admin console:

  1. Navigate to Teams tab
  2. Click Export CSV

You will then receive an email message with the link to download.

Add multiple division admins

Divisions can have multiple admins. Division admins can appoint other division members as admins, and no longer need to be a part of every team in the division.

This feature is suitable for large divisions where it may not be reasonable for admin duties to fall on one person alone.

grant admin access 1

To grant Admin access:

  1. Click on Edit profile settings

Next, under Membership type select Admin and then click Save changes.

grant admin access 2

Assigning admin access from the Security tab

Here you can add an admin and view the admins of the division.

admin access 2

From the Security tab on the admin console:

  1. Navigate to Additional settings
  2. Head to Admin access and click on the arrow
admin access 2

A pop-up window will appear allowing you to Add an admin. From here you are redirected to the members frame where you can determine who you want to grant admin access to.

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