Security and billing for divisions

This article explains how division admins can manage billing and security via the division admin console.

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Manage billing for a division

Managing Billing

From the Billing tab you can:

  1. View or edit your plan details
  2. Edit your payment information
  3. View or download your latest invoice

Self-serve billing

Admins, super admins, and billing owners have complete billing maintenance access. They are able to view account information; add seats, remove seats, edit details, and have the freedom to self-manage their billing invoices.

They can also change the frequency of billing from monthly to annual, and can reassign the billing owner role.

How to add or remove paid seats

From the Seat utilization section on the billing page you can: see how many seats are remaining in your division, how many seats are in your plan, add more or reduce the number of seats.

Add or remove seats on a credit card plan

credit card

Add or remove seats on a manual plan

manual planThe Payment info on the billing page will tell you whether you are on manual invoicing or if you pay by credit card.

How to adjust self-serve divisions billing cadence

From the Billing tab you can switch to an annual plan. To adjust simply click the Switch to annual button.


How to reassign the billing owner role

This flow allows billing owners to reassign the billing owner role to a different member within the division. The new billing owner must be a member of the division. Organization guests cannot become billing owners.

reassign bo

From the Billing tab on the admin console:

  1. Navigate to Billing owner and click on Change billing owner
  2. Type in the next billing owner’s name or email or select one from the drop down menu
  3. When you have made your choice click on Change billing owner to confirm
reassign bo
reassign boThe old billing owner will remain an admin of the division.

SAML for Enterprise divisions

Available on Asana Enterprise and Enterprise+ tiers, as well as legacy tier Legacy Enterprise.

Visit our pricing page for more information.

SAML is a standard that allows Asana to be integrated with company-owned single sign-on systems such as Okta, OneLogin or Microsoft Active Directory. SAML is available to organizations and can be enabled or required for the members of an Enterprise, Enterprise+, or Legacy Enterprise division plan. If you have division plan on one of these tiers, and would like SAML enabled, please fill out the form here.

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