Outlook Calendar and Asana

Available on Asana Starter, Advanced, Enterprise, and Enterprise+ tiers, as well as legacy tiers Premium, Business, and Legacy Enterprise.

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The Outlook Calendar and Asana integration simplifies scheduling by automatically mapping tasks in your calendar, increasing visibility and accountability. Learn how to connect Outlook Calendar with Asana.

Automate scheduling

Use rules to automatically create calendar events based on specific triggers. You can use one of the Outlook preset rules or create a custom one.

  1. Navigate to the Customize menu and click Rules
  2. Click Outlook Calendar on the left sidebar to see a list of preset rules or click Create custom rule
  3. Choose your trigger and conditions if needed
  4. Choose Create a calendar event as an actionCreate an Outlook calendar event rule.png

From here, you can invite task collaborators to the event, attach files from the task, and generate a Teams meeting link.

The event title, date, and description will be based on the task's information. The events are added with a link to the associated Asana task in the description.

Create one-off calendar events

You can create a calendar event directly from an Asana task to schedule a one-off event. The event's description and title will populate based on the task, and can also be edited.

To create a one-off event, go to the task, click Add Outlook Calendar Event under Apps, and select Create new event.

Create new Outlook event from task

From here, you can edit the event's details, such as title, description, date range, start time, duration, and guests. When specifying the time, you can choose First available time within date range for start time and duration, to automatically find the best exact start and end time without having to manually look at your calendar. Edit Outlook Calendar event details.png

Link calendar events

You can link an existing calendar event to an Asana task by typing the event name in the Outlook Calendar field of your task. As you search for the event, the search typeahead looks through events from all the calendars you have access to, in order to find the best match.Linking calendar events

Granting Microsoft Graph permission

Before you can set up this integration, your Microsoft admin may need to grant the Microsoft Graph permission, Calendars.ReadWrite, if this is not a permission granted to your Microsoft organization.

Your Microsoft admin can go to Microsoft Entra (fka Azure) to add the Calendars.ReadWrite permission to your Microsoft organization.

Granting Microsoft Graph permission.png







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